Now Or Never
That must have been really hard to Claire to reject Leo

That must have been really hard to Claire to reject Leo

I really want to go to Alaska
Remembering things friends have done for you.

Like when you took me out to dinner.

And when we baked a cake.

The time where you leant me your gloves because I was cold and we thought it would be a good idea to wear hoodies out with no coat on in November.

You made me a valentines day card because we were all alone and nobody loved us and we might as well be bridget jones.

When you gave us all a rose.

When you saved up all your lunch money to come and see me when we were 15.

When you took me to prom because I wanted to go

When you brought me a bag that had TEA on it because you knew I would love it, it was the best present I got for my 18th…Apart from my iphone…and you only paid £2 for it. ahaha

When I got ill at your 16th so you threw me (soaking wet) into your bed and everyone came upstairs and looked after me.

When we made matching friendship bracelets when we were 13. 

When my braces came off and so we went out and got white girl wasted. 

When we sat up all night and talked about star signs

When we stargazed because we made a promise that we would do it together one day. 

When we went out as each others ‘wingmen’ and the girl I hooked you up with is still your girl 3 years later. 

These are things that people have done for me since I was 13, Boys and Girls and I’m so grateful. If only this still happened but as you get older things get in the way of friendships and thats sad.

I often wonder

Who even am I anymore?

because I don’t know. 

Because if I don’t know who I am then how can I love who I am and if I can’t love who I am then how can anyone else? 

I hate it when you say one thing and then do another, you’re trying to verbally prove your point or at least wanting me to understand it, but your actions are almost the opposite to what you’re saying…make your fucking mind up.

Gone back to writing

The old book, the old pen have all come out now, when in a low mood, write it all down, let it all out.

When you’re done with that, breathe

I have brown hair now

I have brown hair now


new american apparel campaign


new american apparel campaign


Day off